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Honest, Professional and Courteous Service

We have been servicing our Volvos with Superior for what I think is approaching 20 years. I had a late model 245 that would not start on a hot summer afternoon. One day while showing my frustration at the train station, a walker-by suggested I go to his nephew’s shop. Taking his advice, Superior diagnosed the issue quickly – solder connections on a starter circuit board that were known to crack and detach in the heat. I was so impressed we have continued to service four more models to this day, and have my wife’s sister and a former neighbor now going.

They are thorough, but will not recommend service that is not needed. And they will not perform work you are not comfortable with. No servicing is inexpensive these days. But Superior prices are fair, when you consider how knowledgable they are and how solid their service is.

I also was impressed that they installed the missing decal from the grill without our asking ūüėČ

Jay Burrill

Outstanding Service and Trust

Brian and Keith are the very best. Not only are they knowledgeable, communicable, timely and customer friendly, they stand 100% by their work. In a very uncommon outcome, they honored the warranty of another supplier, at their loss, to repair a major issue with my S60, due to no fault of theirs. This does not happen folks without people who truly care about their customers! If you are a Volvo owner and do not utilize their expert service, unquestionable honesty and advice, you are truly missing out.

Jack Quealy

Don’t bring your Volvo anywhere else!!

Can’t say enough good things about Brian & Keith. Extremely knowledgeable, experienced, capable & honest guys. Started bringing my Volvo to them 4 years ago when my regular guy couldn’t fix something and will never go back. I’ve never brought them a problem they haven’t already seen & could immediately fix. They go out of their way to explain everything and even show you the failed part. What I like even more is that they’re sensitive to cost and have offered up lower cost repair solutions (like a re-manufactured or used part) and each time it’s worked out great. I think a lot of people just want to feel like they’re being treated fairly when you take your car to a shop for repairs and that’s what you get here. If you’ve got a Volvo and you’re within 50 miles of Salem, bring it here for service. You’ll be happy you did. These guys rock and restore your faith in auto repair shops.


I am SOLD!

I am the original owner of my S60 T5 and have ALWAYS had services from oil changes to repairs done at Volvo dealerships. Today was the second time that I have used any other repair service outside of a Volvo Dealership and Superior being the repair shop both times. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect both times but after today’s encounter, I am SOLD! The guys here are really nice and know their stuff. Neither time did they call me back and try and upswell me on other repairs. They told me today that it would take about 2 days before they would be able to get to my car. Well, low-and-behold, I got my car back today (same day) before 3pm and the cost was less than I thought!!!! Thanks guys!

Brian S.

  No charge.

I have a Volvo that was mysteriously emitting visible exhaust fumes.  It was mysterious because it was intermittent for a few seconds at a time, few minutes apart.  Also had some rattling in the front.
Brought my car there, and Brian checked it out.  He tightened something and bent something back into place.  Also told me rattling was struts, but nothing dangerous/immediate.   No charge.
I’m just glad they were honest and didn’t try to tell me something bigger was wrong!

Jillien D.

Superior is what they are…

Brian and Keith are Volvo studs – you’ll not find a more capable and honest repair facility anywhere. They will set up a plan for long-time maintenance to keep your Volvo running efficiently and educate you on life-cycle repairs and help you avoid operational issues before problems occur. Superior is what they are…

Ron Crocker

If your car is serviced someplace else, stop!

I highly recommend this shop!  Keith & Brian are honest, very knowledgeable, extremely fair priced, and very flexible.  We have brought our Volvo cars to them for repair for over 15 years, and we are consistently satisfied with their work.  Their customer service is outstanding; we have frequently stopped in unannounced for repair analysis/cost estimates, headlight replacements, etc., and they always immediately accommodate us. If your car is serviced someplace else, stop!

Phil G.

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