Honest, Professional and Courteous Service

We have been servicing our Volvos with Superior for what I think is approaching 20 years. I had a late model 245 that would not start on a hot summer afternoon. One day while showing my frustration at the train station, a walker-by suggested I go to his nephew’s shop. Taking his advice, Superior diagnosed the issue quickly – solder connections on a starter circuit board that were known to crack and detach in the heat. I was so impressed we have continued to service four more models to this day, and have my wife’s sister and a former neighbor now going.

They are thorough, but will not recommend service that is not needed. And they will not perform work you are not comfortable with. No servicing is inexpensive these days. But Superior prices are fair, when you consider how knowledgable they are and how solid their service is.

I also was impressed that they installed the missing decal from the grill without our asking 😉